Thursday, August 31, 2006


I started my day with the usual thoughts...questions and dialogues plagued my mind. I was acting as if this day was just an ordinary day. But it proved to be a special one.

Here I was, smiling alone while remembering old conversations, wondering at the mysteries of life...totally unaware of the magic happening around me.

Then, there You are, as sweet as You've always been...has chosen to shower me with those pink petals, carried by the gentlest of wind...just to wake me up from my remind me of Your love for me...just for me.

And yes, I was reminded...I was touched...and my heart burst with joy when I realized that everywhere I look I see Your smile...hidden behind those pink petals...beneath those lovely blooms.

And I love You...for all eternity, my sweetest dearest God.
(ASMSI FORUM - What ur heart say - babyjeanelle)

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