Wednesday, August 30, 2006


It was a month ago when i visited niko's blog and in one of her entries it was mentioned where she took the skin of her blog. So what i did is to visit the site,, and as i go through it i got interested to use "My Soul's Serenity's" skin to one of my blog but the problem is that I don’t know how will I do it since I am not that good in computer. With so much interest to use it I tried to send a private message to Niko to ASMSI site if she could help me. But on her reply, "i have just asked lolo apol for my template, here is the link.. if you like you can ask him as well.. surely he will help you.. gud luck! Then make your own blog in and send me your link so i can post it on my site!" would this be!!!!! So then, I asked kuya apol...after sending the link i tried to upload the code but when i paste it on the template....still it does not appear the way it was on the site.... I have no other choice but to ask kuya apol again though i'm sure he's busy still he manage to reply me and tell me what to do (thanks kuya!).

And yesterday, i finally came out with a beautiful skin for my blog...Thanks to my sis Niko and bro Apol whose picture is above....(sorry niko, i have just copied this pics on your blog...peace!!!

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