Thursday, November 30, 2006


Thank you so much Oh God!
Months ago my household leader and room mate (Ate Myrna) has been asking me if i will join the CFC Middle East Conference. I told them, "No I won't" Why? "I don't have money". My HHL told me okay if you want we'll make a way...No, thanks dear! Then at home Ate Myrna used to tell me "Sheng, common lets be a part of that big event.. "I told her i don't have the plan coz wa me budget...(sobrang negative ko ngaun...infact kahit pambayad ng bhay and food allowance wala ako) ...but if God really wants me to be there He will make a way. So in short....Yesterday, Ate Dolly gave me a call, asking if i wanna join coz she will give her slot to me. Oh! is this the way God has given me? I was glad of course but at the same time sad coz Ate Dolly won't be there... So now Ate Myrna and I will be present to that celebration (We'll miss you there Chie).
God is so good to me...

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