Wednesday, November 08, 2006



Slim is beauty! I don't think so....

I'm tryin' to gain some weight but i don't have appetite to eat esp in the morning.

My hyperacidity will trigger (depending on the food i take) anytime....followed by migraine.

I got body and muscle pains.....wish i got the chance to go home to have an overall body massage.



Worried all the time.
Just an hours ago....i received a call from him explaining about the message which was sent to me by mistake. Don't know what's goin' on him now. I could feel that he's no longer honest to me.....

Room mates

We're ok....though sometimes we have misunderstandings..... but that's life....
I thank God I have them espAte Myrna...though sometimes she's listening to same sentiments...

Sis in law

Pride! This is all i have!!!
Besides I have not started all this conflicts that we have. I have suffered so much in all the things that she did to i don't have any plan to bow down my head on her.

I don't care about the poeple who says that i have so much pride in me. Who they are to question me that or to tell me that? They were not the one who experienced all the pain and heartaches so they don't have the right!!!


I'm so disappointed with my bro...he's getting into my nerve for being so irresponsible and immature!!!!


Totally broke...


I'm learning a lot from all experiences and problems that comes into my life and i gain wisdom from others experiences.. I think I'm a real grown up and matured person now.

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