Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I could say that this was the year that I’ve been so close to HIM and I felt so in love with HIM. I’ve learned to know HIM more and more…
It was thru the Singles for Christ where I realized how beautiful is life when u’re with HIM. SFC came into my life on the times that I was so down…
Thank you so much oh God for bringing me into this community/family.
I was employed as an Admin Secretary of one of the Shipping Company here in Dubai. It’s a bit boring job coz most of the time am doing nothing.
I maybe lucky compared to some other Filipinas here coz I got a good job, a good salary (somehow), a good employer etc…..but would you be lucky of just sitting on your table updating your friendster or reading some blogs of your friends?
Well yeah I have started almost everything that this office has now…. but sometimes I think I’m not growing up…
Totally broke!!!
I never thought I would have a debt of more than P250, 000.00… It almost triples the amount I borrowed...
Another year has come and yet I’m here paying for the price of taking an opportunity abroad.
They are my inspiration why I’m here in this foreign land!
I may not be able to give them all they need but somehow I will be of great help for them in building their own dreams.
An angel has come…Ken…my first nephew….and another one has to come… Isn’t it sad?... when will i have my own?!
Nonoy and Jhon2 - Mama said they're studying well now and Nonoy started to court a girl now.
Bobo and Baby - the geniouses in the family…bobo is receiving a financial assistance from a foreigner and baby is a deans lister in their college

Dhang….planning to resign from her company to pursue her studies in college…

Boboy and Bhong - both have entered the complicated life of being married..wish they would be a great dad.
Mama and Papa - started to ail what adult usually feel when they're getting old.
It was a tough year for both of us!
We came into a real hard time of our relationship/marriage where we almost hate each other because of so many disagreements, worries, negative thoughts, insecurities…etc etc…
Really… distance matters a lot in a relationship!

As usual i have cough … i don't know if i have a weak lungs…never gone to a doctor so so i could not say why do i have this during winter season. But anyway every end of the year it's not only me who is experiencing this..

Wishin’ that this year 2007 I will be able to settle all things…J

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