Tuesday, April 10, 2007


'''There's an empty spaceIn your distant dazeAnd you may look awayThat void still stays'''
there are times when we feel life is boring, and our negativism takesthe better part of us, even at times it becomes so depressing that wefeel the future is bleak. everything we hear is bad, no matter how much we condition our minds that things would be better, we always end upwith the same feeling- even worse...
'''There's a hollow pointIn your weary heart And through you try againNo smile can hide your pain'''
in our hearts we feel that void, that emptiness, no matter how much wehide that pain and that emptiness that void remains....we put up masks but inside our masks are so much pain..
'''Fear not the night withinThat's were My light beginsSo you can may one day see My face Only I can fill your days'''
only through HIM can we fill that emptiness... that light at the end ofthe tunnel...and no matter what our feelings are, or whatever we feelof the future, we will one day come face to face with HIM, perhaps in our lifetime, perhaps not. but HE promises to fill our emptiness withhappiness for eternity....
'''There's a raging stormIn your broken soul And how you wish awayYour troubled daysThere's an open doorAt your deepest coreAnd through you lose your wayYou'll still come home someday'''
storm rages on our souls, the battle between good and evil..the worldly ways are always more attractive, the promises of heaven remainas mere promises..and as we take on the worlds ways we also lose partof our souls to the temptations that come about...but THAT door remains open for us- that door of forgiveness- no matter the number of times wefall and fail, no matter the number of times we fall into sin, THATdoor remains for us...to pick up the pieces all over again, and to behome with HIM Someday....
'''Fear not the noise withinThat's where My voice beginsSo you may one day hear My song Only I can still your storms'''
no matter the situation, no matter how things are bad, we should digdeep into our hearts, and listen to the VOICE that calls, in thestillness of our hearts, we listen to HIS song that echoes through it, as we are comforted by HIS presence, as we feel the peace that weseek...with HIM... but only after we EMPTY ourselves, can we seek HIM,in that EMPTY SPACE called HOME.
Lord Jesus, your death brought life and freedom. Make me a servant ofyour love, that I may seek to serve rather than be served.

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