Monday, May 28, 2007


The Other...
i know it's not wise,i know that it's wrong
but i've been waiting for so long
and by the moment we kissed, i know it all along
that i'll never forget your kiss like an endless love song
night after night
i've been thinking that i might
let this wrong love through coz it felt so right
and then ask myself, "if i do that,will i ever sleep tight?"
i know you and I already have a commitment
and we're just looking for a companion at this moment
there's just too many unanswered questions now,im full of confusion & mixed emotions
i promised to stop thinking of what was done
i ignored the possibility that you're the right one
sometimes i think that I should let go and hide and run
still, at the end of the day i knew i would wish i was never gone
i know for a fact that what we have is forbidden
but my feelings for you had been long hidden
it was never my intention to let any heart be broken
yet here i am,accepting the curse of being the other woman
...received this from a friend... a poem about "kabit"...

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