Sunday, September 02, 2007


It's my 4th time to transfer accommodation since i came here in Dubai and all those transfers gave me a real headache.

First, Financial – Just imagine weeks before your pay day you have already accounted what you’ll gonna receive at the end of the month like rent, food, light & water, transportation, remittance etc etc etc. Then suddenly, either you are requested to leave your room or you just like to leave coz as if your world is getting smaller if you stay more. So even if you’re not prepared financially to shift to another place you will force to do so… then what happens next; NO REMMITTANCES, NO ALLOWANCE but a new place to live.

Second, Body Pain – Taking all the burdens of carrying and transferring your things from small to big one like cabinets. You will end up applying a pain reliever on some parts of your body or taking a medicine before going to sleep.

Third, Adjustment – You’ve got to deal with your new landlords, new room mates, new rules and regulations etc etc etc.

Hmmmm life………………

This time… we transferred to a better place (that’s for sure! Hehehe! Ultimate dream nmin un ni Chie noh!) It’s a bit expensive ….pero ok lang…

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