Wednesday, August 13, 2008


If there's one sport closest to my heart that would be ...... swimming. One reason why i love swimming is that i think was really born as a swimmer.
I remember how my stepdad had taught me to swim at an early age of 4. Everytime we come to the river he would always throw us (me and my brother) into the water and because we're afraid to get drowned and be carried by the water to a deeper level we started to kick our feet or just float. Just imagine how many times i was able to drink the water of that river considering that near us some carabao's are there...yakksss...
Then starting 6 years old, we spent most of our free times in the river. There was a time that we (w/ nhang) challenge other kids in reaching the river banks passing through the deepest level of water.
Till i reach highschool..... The Sisters of Mary School has a complete sports facility for all outdoor and indoor games. Our school is sorrounded w/ basketball & volleyball courts, 2 gymnasiums for table tennis, badminton, chess and others, the whole campus serves as the oval for the athletics and at the center of the school is the swimming pool. Here i've spent my free time and weekends for the practise. I was a freshmen when i started to play for our section and had so many wins for free style. By then the Instructor of swimming team asked me to join the Swimming Varsity Team for Little Milo Olympics. I have already spent one and half year for training in preparation for the olympics. Few months before the competition I told my trainor that i want to quit.
---the pool where i used to practice----
Then I was in college when i officially became a varisity representing the Catanduanes States Colleges for SCUAA. The photo show below is one of my photo during the SCUAA that was held in Daet, Camarines Sur year 2004.
---it's common for a swimmer to have a broad shoulder like mine---

---my teammates---
Happened to share it after watching the Swimming competition in Beijing China Olympics.


kha said...

no wonder your sexy coz people loves swimming has a body beautiful daw poh....hehe just browsin' around and drop by again at your page since last april 17..hi i am the freelancer...glad to review your reading it..

nikoganda said...

hi ate!

what's ur ym?? lets talk.. hihih

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