Wednesday, September 24, 2008


A couple of months back, I’m at the point where I am depressed at work, there is nothing do to here! I usually always have to stretch out my work, so it looks likes I am doing something. I feel like my mind is turning to mush!!!

Then today while chatting with my bestfriend she brought out the topic that admin works are boring like typing a correspondence, sending fax message, answering phone...etc...and that there is no challenge. Well, i said "You maybe right" But deep within in me i wanted to tell her that she's definitely wrong.

I've been working in this company nearly 3 years. I could say it's boring coz i'm the only employee here. But when it comes to challenge....hmmm..
  • Coordinates with Immigration and Labour Office for my Visa & Work Permit Application. We don't have a PRO and since i was the first employee so i am responsinble for all necessary arrangement for my visa and work permit. Just imaagine how i manage to convince the labour staff just to issue the work permit. He told me that i was not supposed to be the one arranging for it. "Where is your boss? he's in Iran. How about the sponsor? He's not available? No, i canno't issue this to you, ask your boss or sponsor to take it from here. Sir, pleeeeaaaassssseeeeeeeeee. In most of the government offices seldom u can see a lady processing/arranging for any documents. So when i was trying to explain to the labour staff that i needed my work permit badly , all the gents turn their attention on me...hmmm i've raised my voice i guess...hehehe
  • Renew the company's Trade License at the office of Department of Economic Development.
  • Collect No Objection letter from Ports & Customs - Rashid Port. As a marine services company we are required to have that NOC from Ports & Customs as part of requirements for the renewal of license.
  • Meet the President of Bank Saderat Iran just to ask for the Tender Guarantee for our vessel. etc etc.
  • Explain to the clients the reason for the delays of our payments. I shouldn't be explaining to them since i was not the owner of the company but since my boss intructed me to do so on his what to do. Funny that sometimes they don't really believe or they're not convince in my explanation.
  • Etc etc.. those are just some of the challenge i have encountered here...hehehe

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