Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I went to one of our client in Old Jadaff today morning to replace the check we issued last week. On my way, i took some photos of landscape, trees, flowers & desert plants.

I wonder how these plants survive in the desert. I don't think there is a water sprinkler in this remote area.

Daisy - the seasons flower planted all over the city of Dubai. Aren't they nice to see? Sometimes these flowers are one of the reason why commuters smile. Other people may not greet you early in the morning but these flowers greets you and smiled at you. And if they can speak i'm sure they'll say that you may have a great day:)

Date Palm Tree - A native tree to Northern Africa and the Middle East. They say that it's fruit has a natural sugar. As i have observed during Ramadan here, it's the first solid food they take during Iftar.

The Date Palm, the flowers, the greenery.

I'm sure, if not of these view i'll be irritated because of too much traffic. Then one thing, the taxi driver is such a nice and friendly guy. So even if it took me 1 1/2 hours before reaching Old Jaddaf, it doesn't matter anymore. I had these two reasons to be thankful already.

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