Sunday, April 26, 2009


Came across this article at Yahoo Shine, and while reading it i came to agree on what the author had written. He's difinitely right....job is the most valuable and dependable asset during this recession period.

To my own point of view since more people are unemployed and has been deployed while there are few opportunities available everyone needs to enhance/upgrade ones skills to be more competitive to job market. Maybe to some who have enough savings they can go back to school to take a masteral or doctoral degree to whatever field of study they had taken. For some that has not prepared for this recession, a short courses will help. And to all who had been left nothing but debt they can start finding free classes online or in any other place. What yeah think?

I remember a year ago, I was one of the enthusiast upgrading my skills. I have enrolled several short courses for free offered by some Filipino Clubs here in Dubai which includes Computer Courses, Photography, Speech Craft and even recreational course like ballroom. And now i was glad i had taken all those things before and hoping to enroll more courses if i got more extra time from being a fulltime secretary and a fulltime wife.

Now i realize how this few learnings had help me feel more confident on what i'm doing at work.

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