Monday, April 13, 2009


If there's anything i wanna do this summer...that is to spend a whole week at the beach and read books.

Ahead of my plan to go home i want to buy some books of Paulo Coelho and any other author since i have not done it for a year almost. I have this current book of Paulo Coelho which i have been reading for a months now. Wish to finish it and the other book that i have and buy about 4 books more.

For the moment all i have is to dream for a wonderful summer vacation in the Philippines. Hmmmm. I'd like to visit the memorables places of our province; Maribina Falls - I'd like to take hundreds of photos with the different angles and tones. Virac Boulevard - I'd like to take a photo of this place at dawn and at night. Visit all other beaches like twin rock, amenia and mamangal.

I left the province with few knowledge of cooking so now that i some recipes that i've learned from my flatmates i want to cook for my family everyday instead of my mom.


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~~m$. DoNNA~~ said...

outing na yan.....

outing!! outing!!! outing!!!


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