Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Over a period of months, i have been watching korean movies online. It has been my way of entertaining myself at work whenever i feel so lazy to do my tasks or if i don't have anything to do at all. But what's not good about it was; when my boss would call me to do something i feel so irritated and if i could only tell him that i don't want to do it......:( I know it was not right coz i'm doing it on a working hour but what to do... anyway some of my friends are doing it as well...hehehehe....and besides my bosses didn't know about it yet and if they caught me i think they would understand coz they too has nothing to do.

If before i was contented watching videos/movies in YOUTUBE and CRUNCHYROLL, now i found a new site to watch..... MYSOJU. All Japanese, Taiwanese & Korean Telenovela and movies are avaialable here. Some of the movies which was deleted in Crunchyroll can be find here too.

And like most of other Filipinos' who can't catch for the afternoon teleserye, news, noon time shows on TFC or Orbit, PINOY CHANNEL is the best site to keep updated on what's happening in the Philippines.

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