Thursday, June 18, 2009


Plan B - Wafi City

Longs Bar - Rotana Hotel Sheikh Sayed

Been partying quite lately and it was great...really really great to be back to night life. I have not gone to any bar for the last two years coz i got myself busy upgrading my computer skills and been with room mates who doesn't like the idea of going out. And here's comes my hubby who doesn't have time to go and have fun at night also.

But then lately...together with flatmates i was back to partying. The last time i went to a disco house was last 2005 and we paid for every glass of drink. But now no more coz we go there for the ladies night which is free drinks.

Ladies night usually falls on the regular days so we need to go home early before 1 or 2 am for tomorrows work. Anyway not bad anymore...2 hours of loud music, 2 bottles of bacardi breezer or smirnoff ice and few minutes of dancing is enough for a night i think.

Thanks to pangit for allowing me to go out sometimes.....

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