Thursday, October 29, 2009


My Sweet Serenity has been idle for how many days now...because i was busy with Couples Corner weekly topic to my other other blog, Our Lives Together.

But for the update of what's happening with the renewal of my visa and my health. Well, the other day, together with my boss(as i was expecting that he was still authorize to process any visa application to the Department of Immigration and Residency) we went there to apply for the renewal of my visa...but then when we we're called and upon checking our documents...the arab lady in the counter told us that only the sponsor can go there to apply for that. It was for the reason that when the immigration card was renewed by the other partner my boss that time was not in town so only one signature was there. So now, we have to wait for that partner who is in contact with the sponsor to come to either ask the sponsor to process for it or change the immigration card.

About my health... am a bit okay now. I wasn't feeling that bad anymore with the medicine i am taking everyday....

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