Saturday, October 17, 2009


Finally our license was released last thursday...but first let me share what happened that day. Oooh! I went to Department of Economic Development for three times just to know the status of our application. The last time i went there i was instructed to go to the ladies section where i was told that i need to go to Dubai Maritime City office to take their approval...but instead of going there (i was afraid they won't entertain me like what happened last 2007 coz i don't have the DMC ID) i called them first and ask for the best way of taking their approval and i was told that i can have the approval right that time by just giving them the transaction no. coz they can do it online.

So then, i went back to Department of Economic Development ladies section (what's good in Arab Countries is that they have a separate desk for ladies in all government offices and banks) thinking that would be the last procedure but to my dismay the arab lady told me to go upstairs and take for the receipt and come back to her to pay. Okay fine, if that was the next thing to do......Gosh! Again i was trapped in a queue of hundred men from different nationality. I have waited there for 2 hours with hungry a stomach since i have not taken my breakfast.

That's the trouble when you're the only employee! You do all the works even if it's not stated in your contract.

Now i have to wait for another 2 days to process my labor & immigration application because i have just applied for system activation of our new license. Today is the last day of my labor card but i can't apply for a new one coz i didn't have my medical yet....i might have it tomorrow. With that for sure we will be fine for the delays of renewal!!! Don't know how to tell my boss about it....

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