Saturday, November 28, 2009


Oh sorry Niko, i almost forgot today's theme...i'm already late for this post coz it's 12:40am here now....but better late than totally forget.....hehehe

Well, speaking of favorite gift...i only had one treasured birthday gift....and that was my C168 Motorolla Mobile phone which was given by a black american friend whom i met online 5 years back. Haven't heard from him for a year and then the other day i saw his new born baby girl with his Filipina wife.

But sad to say...this gift is nonfunctional hubby smash it to the wall last year...huhuhu


♡ N o r e e n said...

awwww nakausap mo na ba ulit yung friend mo? I mean I know nakita mo online but did you guys talk again? *chismosa* hahaha

anyways, it was a great gift from a dear friend! TC

sheng said...

yeah dear....sometimes we chat....


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