Thursday, December 24, 2009


Girls Talk time again!!! Last week we talked about how we simply decorate our house during Christmas season and today another interesting topic to share, Christmas Tradition. I guess it’s very known to us that Filipinos are rich in tradition which includes how we prepare ourselves for Christmas Mass wherein all member of the family are required to attend, then followed by “Noche Buena”. Christmas Day would be a gift giving to the godchildren and kids and even to lolo and lola.

That’s how it is in the Philippines but celebrating Christmas in a Muslim country is quite different. We do attend a Christmas Mass also, followed by “Noche Buena” and gift giving… but here we usually work even on Christmas Day, and you’re lucky if you’ll be granted one day off. Good thing this year’s Christmas fall on Friday which is a rest day.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


feRry jHoi said...

Quiet different nga...
But you can still celebrate Christmas even at your work... Just a simple smile will be the best.

Merry working Christmas to you!

duong said...

happy new year! :)


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