Thursday, March 18, 2010



Oh I love Thursday because of Girl Talk. Thanks to all who leave their comments on last week’s meme. Here we are again for a picture of the sexiest part of our body. Well, I don’t have the height, the boobsy and the ala J-Lo hips so let me just show you the part of my body which I consider sexy.
Who among you guys remember Christine Jacob, the Filipina swimmer-actress who has a broad shoulder? Wanna see a younger version of her during my days? hehehe! Having a broad shoulder was developed during my days as a swimmer in high school and college varsity team.

And now here i am showing the sexiest part of my shoulder. Isn't it sexy? I don't need to wear shoulder pads anymore...yeah?

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Mrs. Kolca said...

you look so pretty in your black 7 white top.. hi! bloghopping here from GT :D

Dj Mariñas said...

love the shoulders. bagay talaga pag tube or haltered style dress pag you have shoulders to flaunt :-)

here's my something kinda sexy part of my body:

hope you can visit :-)

LingLing said...

Love ur outfit tons <3 you look drop gorgeous in ur photo!

Can find my entry at:

Cecile said...

nice pictures...and seksi na balikat :-)!

niko said...

i love ur pics ate!! sexy nga ng shoulders mo pramis!!! hihih

Kero said...

ay oo nga you have toned shoulders to die for. ang ganda mo, Sheng!!

and i really love your blouse =)


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