Friday, March 26, 2010


Thanks God it’s the last entry for month. I have had may other photos that i wish to share but i prefered to really hide it for good and choose this one.

Really bad yeah! Hate that when i gain weight, it's my tummy that bulges first. This photo was taken mid of last year. It was the time when i could hardly breathe and when i'm doing something i get easily tired.

Looking forward for next month theme....


Vernz said...

sheng, o, that's one healthy tummy ... hehehe... thanks for the visit.

BTW, Can I ask favor to edit my Some things Are free link, I have my own domain na .... and I added this blog to three on my blogs...

If you have other blogs please tell me I will add them to my list too. Thanks..

Some Things Are Free
Woman’s elan vital
In This Side of Town

ღ pinaymama ღ said...

I can relate to it, ganyan din ako...I already have belly fats when I was in HS, but when I got pregnant it got worst I guess..

Just passing by from Girls Talk and here's mine:

Mommy Liz said...

Sus, eh 1/4 lang yan ng tyan ko ah, hehehe. Kapag ganyan kaganda ang tyan ko, ako eh maglulundag sa tuwa. di pwede piktyuran ang tyan ko, nakakatakot.

niko said...

weheheh u have to see my tummy ate and u will for sure appreciate yours.. npagkakamalan na kya akong buntis sa opis lol hahahaah

april theme is up na po.. silip ka na sa blog ko hihih

ingat lagi ate!! mwah mwah

miss hearing from u na!!!


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