Tuesday, March 02, 2010


It’s rainin’ so hard here in Dubai and it’s like the weather is expressing sympathy on me. I’m feelin’ so down right now…been worryin’ of so many things….finances, health, family back home, relationships etc etc…

But would you like to know what made me smile while doing monthly reports…? Niko suddenly pop up with her message to check on her Girl’s Rule…....and Bongga! Olalala!!! I am the winner for the Little Love that she promised for those who would complete the February Girl’s Talk theme. Kisses to Yobib for making my day...hehehe and of course with so much love to the Mushroom Family esp. to the little princess Yena.

Recently I’ve just won Pehpot's free movie tickets give away and now i can't believe that i won another blogging chuvaness...hehehe. I am almost thinking of not updating my blogs because i am feelin' so upset for not qualifying to any blog oppssssss. Now, there's no reason to stop blogginggggggggggggg...:):):). I'll stay updated and will never think of being lazy blogging....hehehe


Kero said...


tiba-tiba ka sa prizes ah...tuloy i am considering joining blog competitions. kaso unpredictable kase ang chance ko mag blog hehe

enjoy the rest of the week, dear!

sheng said...

hay Mommy Kero...tuwang tuwa ako dahil dito...hehehe

miminsan lang kasi ako palarin sa mga ganito kaya sobrangh happy tlga...


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