Thursday, April 08, 2010


We’ve heard it many times esp. when we we’re still young, our parents or grannies would tell us not to eat junk foods because it’s not good for us… yet as a young kid we would always ask it from them or if not we’ll ask for some coins and then we’ll run to the nearest store to buy it.

The fact that junk food is full of unhealthy ingredients - it's not nutritious, it's laced with addictively tasty fats, sugars and salt, it just is not worth eating are the reasons why parents do not allow their kids to eat it.

So for today’s topic at Girls Talk which is about fave junk foods, let me share you why my mom would always pinch me when i was still  young whenever she sees empty plastic wrapper of junk food in my school bag. Is there anyone of you remembered the "greep peas" which cost Php1.00 with a colored mint green wrapper? that was my favorite junk food and i would buy around 3-5 sachet of it in a day with coca cola or dirty ice cream or ice candy.

And now that i am adult my fave junk food is Nova of Jack & Jill. I can't pare it with cocal cola or any soda anymore because of my hyperacidity. I love it! Really!

So how about you guys? What's your favorite junk foods? Are you one of them who likes snack bars, softdrinks, ready- meals, sweets and crisps and chips?


Clarissa said...

Drooled!!Nakakita na naman ako ng Nova!!OMG!!Sobra ang craving ko ngayon ng nova!!pigilan nyo akooo!!!\(^0^)/

sheng said...

sabay ganun eh...sis paawat ka bka mabili mo lahat ng Nova sa nearby store sainyo hehehe..

Cecile said...

wow, Nova a naman? dami kayo Nova ang fave junk food :-)!

Marice said...

i so heart green peas too :) u know sunshine? i love that!

u may view mine here

zoan said...

hmmm i also like nova, pero di ako masyadong adik ehehe

niko said...

ate ung sinasabi mong green peas eh masarap naman tlga :) kahit kurutin na worth it naman ang sarap diba?? hihih

about nova preho kau ni yena ate.. she prefers that, she chooses that when we do our grocery hihihi

for ur last question - naker adik ako sa chips at cold soda hihih kkatakot sa diabetes lol

bdw, how was the cravings ate????

Chris said...

Nova is yummy!


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