Thursday, April 15, 2010



Eating time again here at Girls Talk! For today's topic which is the most expensive food i had...well, as far as i remember i had the most expensive food at Fish and Company during my previous years birthday celebration with my room mates and SFC friends.

Fish & Company had the best fresh delicious fish dishes and seafood goodies and i love their sea food platter so muchhhhhhhhhh! Before their servings for sea food platter cost AED 98.00 but now it increase to AED 120.00.

So far that was the most expensive food I had not until hubby came to Dubai. We had our first anniversary together at Japengo in Burjuman Center which cost us around AED 250.00. I don't have the photo of me having what we had so let me just show you hubby's photo.

Nasi goring istimewa AED 56 - Indonesian style fried rice with sweet soy sauce & accompanied with marinated fried chicken, chicken skewer and topped with sunny side up egg with prawn cracker

Japengo Special Mixed Platter AED 86 - A combination of appetizers to share with friends, Tempura prawns, chicken dumpling, crab cake, Grilled calamari and vegetarian spring roll (2 pcs each)

Japengo special chicken mushroom soup AED 42 - Marinated chicken thigh cube with Shiitake mushroom & noodles in chicken broth

Seafood AED 52 - Mix of seafood (prawn, calamari and hammour) in clear

Water AED 14 & 2 Ice Tea AED  32

So that's We sharing the most expensive food we ever had. Mind you, we don't usually eat out like that... it's only during birthdays or anniversary celebrations...hehehe
Hope you enjoy looking at the photos and maybe try it sometimes. Happy GT Everyone!


niko said...

ow!!! sobrang mahal te!!!!! waaaah mukang masarap naman yan hihihihih

thanks for joining GT ate!!

happy weekend!!

Artsy Niko
Niko's Home

~~m$. DoNNA~~ said...

Wow! once pa lang ako nakakain jan sa fish and company, treat ni mareng joan, sarap ng food :)


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