Thursday, May 06, 2010


I spent my childhood days in a small barrio in Virac, Catanduanes wherein the children of our neighbors became my friends and I’ve got one of them as my closest childhood friends. Even though I went to different schools during my elementary days our friendship remains.....even up to now.

I’ve got the best memories of my childhood with her. We climb a tree, swim the river till we almost get so dark, catch shrimp and small fish at the river, fetch water at the nearest spring during the summer, harvest crops, ride to their carabao going to the grazing land, wash clothes at the river and many other things that our parents ask us to do.

We’re as naughty as any other kids in our barrio. One time we stole mango at our neighbor’s backyard, fight with other kids or even disobey our parents just to spend the whole at the river.

Sorry I don't have old photos of us...the picture above was taken last year during her birthday here in Dubai...but now she's back to Philippines...


Mommy Liz said...

ay ang saya naman, ga ngayon magkasama pa rin kayo. wala akong naging permanenteng friend, iba ibang batch, hehehe.. iba noong elementary at iba noong high school. I still keep in touch with them, yung mga friends ko sa high school. sa susunod na topic naman siguro yun i post.

take care Sheng!

Sherry said...

nice pic :D I still looking for mine

Marice said...

how nice! me too i dont have photos with me and my cuzins.

u may view mine here

tatess said...

buti ka pa hanggang ngayon magkaibigan pa rin kayo.By the way ,my father is from Virac ,Catanduanes too.

redamethyst said...

It's nice that you are still together. ako un mga childhood friends ko nasa ibang mga lugar na
here's my entry

niko said...

ay ang galing naman ate.. super close mo sya ang galing.. hihih

kaya pla ang galing mo lumangoy kasi batang ilog ka. how i wish magkapitbahay tau tapos tinuruan mo ko mag swim sa ilog hihih

thanks for joining GT ate ha!!! happy weekend!

Artsy Niko
Niko's Home

sheng said...

Mommy Liz: so blessed na rin to have us both...but know what maraming beses na rin kaming nagkasamaan ng loob...

Sheryy: thanks dear:)

Marice: thanks too dear:)

Tatess: yeah dear....oh really from where in Virac?

Redamethyst: destined to be friends forever lang sguro kami hehe

Niko: ay naku sinabi mo pa ...since young mahilig na talaga akong bumabad ng tubig hehehe

AC said...

hi ate sheng! at least you have one you can call your own... one true and realiable friend is still better than many, but unreal dba? I'm sure you'll treasure her forever and she'll surely do the same to you...


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