Thursday, May 20, 2010


I don't know if I can say that I'm lucky for not having any collegue at my present work. Other than of course our part time Accountants, my bosses and the cleaner who usually come one in a week....I am alone most of the I don't really have a friend...Ooh well, I guess I have one...the daughter of my boss who often come to the office.

So for that reason I'll be posting my former workmates at Futaba Corporation of the Philippines. They're one of the best people who had a great part on my teenage life. They have pampered me with so much care esp. my lineleader and my supervisor.

Taken at Christian Resort - Quezon (Company Outing)

Taken at Tagaytay (Company Outing)

I was their "Poklay" - I don't know why they called me on that name but I guess it was because I am such a naughty and talkative girl...

It was one of them also who named me Sheng...the lovely nickname that I'm using till now. It was Kuya Del who gave me a gift with this name printed on the wrapper. I miss those days. All of them love me...they all like me being their trainee as Quality Control.


Sherry said...

wow so many of them:D

check out mine at

K said...

swerte mo naman pla sheng! prinsesa ka nila. hihi. at alam ko na ngayon san galing nickname mo. cool!

dropping by as Niko's proxy. hihi. thanks for participating this week! mwah!

by the way, i have a blog makeover raffle going on. i hope you can join (if you haven't already) :)

niko said...

nkakatuwa naman mga pix mo te!!! ambata ng mga pipol hihihih

nice to meet all of them te hihihi

Bdw, sorry for the late hop ha my entry is here. See u this Thursday with ur most recent picture with your offline friends!

And thank you for always joining GT!


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