Wednesday, June 02, 2010


It was at The Sisters of Mary School when I first learned taking a half bath after a Sunday playing time around the campus. The Sisters (Nun) would tell us to cleanse our body before dinner time...half bath as per my own definition of it...a whole body (except the hair) light shower. 

Though it's common esp. for ladies to take a hot shower after a busy day at work...I suggest try taking a half bath also...doing it means no need to dry your hair before going to bed. Most of the time I take a hot shower than a half batch but this afternoon after the tension I got from RTA Officers who caught me jay walking near York Hotel I decided to take a half bath just to refresh my body and forget the blood boiling experience.

HALF BATH is actually a room in a residence that contains a toilet and wash basin but no bathing facilities, such as a bathtub or shower stall.

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