Tuesday, June 01, 2010



Saddened by the news that Girls Talk will end this June. Other than of course Couple's Corner, this meme every thursday makes my day busy at work so now that it's ending I think I need to join other memes. Anyway whatever reason that the author has...I respect her decision.

For the late post about the topic last week which was a recent picture with offline friends...here we go..

This was taken last year at F 609 ABC 1 Bldg.

They are my SFC Household Group...they're one of the great friends that I had here in Dubai. With them I can be as a real me...pasaway, makulit, maingay, maligalig, mahilig mang inis lalo na kay Romai. Actually we're 5 in a group but 2 of them became so busy after joining another company so it's only Romai, Jeanette (Household Leader) and I who sometimes see each other...

This was taken last 2008 during my bday.

I miss the old times with them...sharing our problems with in our HH who never complains about us being so immature and childish. Now we don't have much time to spent together...but thanks to free call at work and chikka where i can communicate with them if I wanted to..

I'm planing to meet them all...Lanie, Faye, Romai & Jeanette on my birthday...

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niko said...

hi ate!! thanks for joining GT ha.. i mean sa lagng pagsali sa GT hihih

danda ng mga housemates mo te, ako rin i had a great time nung nag apartment kmi ni yobib with some friends.. iba ang saya pag ksama mo sa bahay eh :D

usap tau ym about GT ate hihihi

ingat lagi!! mwah


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