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I felt like I was once an angel/holy during my stay at a convent-like school when I was in highschool. And as we talk about being spiritual let me share how I was before spiritually.

Am not religious in the sense of being a religious....but growing up with religious people I think somehow there's a part of me that was called for holiness. When I was young as a kid I saw how the people of our barrio venerate the Patron Saints and Mama Mary. For sure all of you are aware about Santa's like a 9 days Novena mostly during summers. I remember we have 5 Chapels other than the Church in our Barrio and we have attended Novena's in all those Chapels not because we want to have that give away after the Novena but because our elders brought us there to learn how to pray hoping that when they're too old to lead a Novena, they will pass it to our generation.

Funny but I have a memory of praying the "Rosary after the Novena De Salvacion" together with my grandmother where I should respond after her but often I got sleep at the middle of praying time and when she noticed that I am already asleep she will pinch me on my side, then I will respond which sometimes was not appropriate to what she has prayed. I’ve learned to pray the Angelus through my grandmother also, and 6:00 o’clock is the time I hated most. That time is the best time for young children to play and I hate her calling me to stop playing because we have to pray the Angelus.

Then when I entered The Sisters of Mary School the more I became prayerful. Prayer is one of the duties we have there. Imagine the bell rang at 5:30 for Morning Prayer, we pray before and after eating time, Angelus at 6:00pm followed by Rosary and another praying time before we sleep at night. We have the Novena for the Virgin of the Poor, Long Rosary, Station of the Cross, Meditation of Lives of the Saints, film showing of the Saints and Beatos, and Catechism Class every Sundays. We attend the Holy Mass twice a week and read the bible and all other Holy Books everyday before Rosary Time. Then during Holy Week we fast and do sacrifices for the intention of saving souls from the Purgatory and to relieve sufferings of those who are sick and needy. We also have our Vigil and if your group is scheduled to pray at 1am it means that everybody should get up from bed and go to the Chapel to pray for almost an hour. So that was the life we have there other than studying. It was the best time of my life being a holy but naughty student of that school.

When I left that school after graduation I became a member of Parish Renewal Experience and when I came to Dubai I’ve joined Singles for Christ. It feels so great to have a direct connection to God through Prayer and doing noble works but sometimes when you go out to the real world with so many temptations you sometimes forget to do good all the time.

Right now, I seldom go to Church and I’ve even forgotten to confess my sin for years now but it doesn’t mean that I forgot HIM. I don’t pray the rosary anymore but I don’t forget to thank GOD before I sleep at night for all the blessing he gives me.

I am not as good as you might expect it but everyday is an struggle for me to be good though sometimes it’s really hard to be good when all evil are just around me.

Happy GT Everyone!


Lucia ♥ said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my entry dearie <3

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I also don't forget about God even if I don't go to church every week. Sometimes I'm so happy that I just say to myself in my mind "Thank you God for making this happen" and that is when I remember that He always is there in my life subconsciously <3

Mommy Liz said...

Hehehe! I love it when you said "It's hard to be good when there's a lot of evil around you"

Oy ang dami mo namang dinadasal noong araw. Well, kung di ka man nagsisimba na OK lang yun, di naman sinabing para ka makapagdasal eh magsimba ka. You can pray and call on to HIM anywhere, kahit nasa banyo ka or naliligo, you can still thank Him for the wonderful day and ask for guidance while on your way to work di ba?

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

I don't remember much during my younger years but there's one thing that I really enjoy in the parade while singing Ave Maria, all I know is there's a food after. :D

Vernz said...

di bale kahit di kana nakaconfess for years.. so long as you keep the laws of nature.. OK nayan.... Sheng may bago kang blog diba?

I’m having a Link Exchange Project, I’m inviting you to join, please visit Petty Things in Life and click the badge to join. Thank You and hope to see you.

K said...

i hardly go to church nowadays, too :(

but i think thanking Him for all the blessings you receive each day is a sign that you are spiritually healthy :)


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