Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today is Thursday and it's Girls Talk time again. It's Beauty Queen Gene's third week as the host of this meme and for the last previous weeks we all had a great time sharing how we love ourselves physically, financially and now mentally. Well, I can't talk big about myself mentally neither i can say that i hate nor i love myself for not being the best in school during my academic years but i maintained being in top 5. I know i can do more during those days  but i was one of those students who prefer to be lazy than to study hard.

When we say mental is the power to learn and retain knowledge. I am a fast learner, one thing i can be proud of myself but i can't say that the knowledge i've learned would retain in my mind. I've read so many books or even watched so many movies but try to ask me a certain character or events that was mentioned there...for sure i would not remember it. 

If there's something i love mentally about me is that  i am always determined to reach one goal whatever it takes but what i hate about me mentally is that isn't it that brains rules everything and that heart comes after head? Come and visit me again on our last week if you wanna know how i hate myself emotionally..


K said...

determined is an admirable trait. it shows not only mental aptitude, but strength of character as well :)

Lucia ♥ said...

I also maintained being, and in the end that is all that really matters :) Have a nice weekend sweety <3

Chris said...

have a great GT weekend!


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