Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've been so lazy to blog lately not only because there has been so many activities that i was involved which made me so busy but because i'm not in a momentum to write. For some bloggers they can post as many entries as they can in a day not like me who can only do that when i'm hurting, angry with someone or i've got so many problems. My mind overflows with ideas esp when i hate someone...that's the time i wanted to write all the things that i simply thought about...or when somebody hurt me so much or i've heard someone talk negative things about me to other people instead of correcting me....i feel like...just to get away from that feeling of...........blogging became my outlet for expressing my feelings and thought that made me sad and angry.

So if i'm not blogging it's either i am so busy and i don't have time or my heart and mind is in a very good condition. My mind is relax and my heart is happy...


niko said...

:) miss u so much te! oks lng u dont blog just as long as ur happy and ok :) kesa mag blog na malungkot ka :D

but i still miss ur visits :D take care! mwah mwah

sheng said...

thanks Niko:)

namiss ko din bisitahin blogs mo lalo na ung kay Yena...sadya lang na tinamad ako lately cguro dahil maaga ang uwi ko araw araw gawa ng ramadan kaya isa pa din un kung bkit medyo wala akong time magblog hop..

neway i'll be back soon....on blogging and visiting all my bloggers friend..


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