Monday, September 20, 2010


For the first time Hubby was able to visit Abu Dhabi and it was because i have invited him for Fr. Al's Testimonial Lunch and ASMSI - UAE Chapter 3rd Year Anniversary Celebration at Cassels Hotel.

After the event all attendees headed to Emirates Palace for a chance that we may able to visit the place but sad to say we were not able to get inside because we don't have a booking for that then the group decided to go to at the Corniche Breakwater near Marina Mall where we had our picture takings and viewing of the jet skiers who simply showed how they leapt high off one wave after another, landing with a crash and a splash.

With a sudden spurt of speed this men came to splash water on fellow jet skiers.

 And so as this two other men..

The other men tried to splash water to his opponent but it didn't even reach. 

This speed boat tried to join the group of jet skiers also...

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Kero said...

that must be thrilling to watch! we also see jet skiers at the mamzar Open Beach. parang ang sarap and they make it look so effeortless lol!

I too dream to visit Emirates day =)

sassy mom said...

I bet that show was exciting. I heard Abu Dhabi is a great place to visit. Love to visit that one of these days. (crossing my fingers)


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