Wednesday, September 29, 2010


How nice of you Mommy Kero for giving me this award. It's the second award I received for this year and I'd like to thank you for this... You simply made my day as well. Happy Wednesday:)

7 Random Things About Me.
1. I tried not to eat meat  for a months now
2. I received an increment just the other day
3. I hate the AC now a days and I am worried for the coming winter
4. My boss is my new chatmate now during office hours
5. I am suffering from Repetitive Stress Syndrome since last week
6. I got crazy everytime i hear the song "Me No Speak Americano"
7. Can't wait for the Christmas gift for myself

Pass this on to your Versatile Blogger friends and share 7 random things about yourself.

So now I'd like to pass this to Niko and Mommy Liz!

1 comment:

niko said...

sweet mo teh!!! thanks sa award!! sige po post ko later :)

miss talking to u at ym! hehe kachat mo nmn pla si boss kya oks lng hhehehe di na ko tampo lol


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