Sunday, September 26, 2010


What a weekend i had! Wish i can go home now and sleep. My body is still aching from a very busy weekend. I am working half day every Thursday and so I had enough time to simply watch movie at home or go with my flatmates to the gym. With my petite body I don't really need to work out but for some relaxation and fun once in a while I visit the gym near our building. Spend an hour to the gym, then another one hour to the pool and almost thirty minutes at the sauna room.

Then Friday which was supposedly a rest day and yet instead of staying at home we went to the Fruits and Vegetables Market in Ras Al Khor to buy lots and lots of fruits and veges.

With our flatmates

A pose with my sister at a fruit stand

Few minutes after reaching home I went to Dubai Mall to attend the first ever meeting of 2010-2011 ASMSI - UAE Chapter Officers. We had the meeting at UNO Chicago Grill.

From left: ASMSI - UAE Chapter President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy Officer Dubai and Councilor. (Abu Dhabi and Sharjah Deputy Officers wasn't able to come)

 Meeting with a dinner

I hope you guys had a great weekend... not as busy as what i had but a more relaxing weekend.

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Jenn said...

I so wish there's a gym near our place, too!

My PixelBug Weekend post is up HERE. Have a great week ahead!

Willa said...

Busy nga sis,pero mukhang ang saya naman. :)
Thanks for the visit.

anne said...

wow you are super duper busy ah hehehe, btw yes pica pica is finger foods

sassy mom said...

Love those fresh fruits. Sure wish the gym is near my place too.


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