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We've come to another month for Girls Talk Meme and I feel glad that I was one of those who voted for "Books" when our hostess Beauty Queen Gene conducted a survey on what would be the next topics for her Thursday's meme.

I'm not really a bookworm though I was once an avid reader of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Mystery Series when I was in highschool but when I came to Dubai 5 years ago I started to love reading books and became my new hobby.

I had collected some books/novels of Sidney Shieldon, Nicolas Parks, John Grisham, Dan Brown and Paulo Coelho and other authors. And if there's one book that really made me would be "A Walk to Remember". I guess everyone who read that book i right? But if there's a book I wanna share for today's topic....its Samira and Samir.

This book of Siba Shakib (an Iranian/German filmmaker, writer and political activist) is a true story of a young girl in the “mans world” in Afghanistan. Samira is brought up as a boy known as Samir by her father who is a brave commander fighting in the mountainous land of Afghanistan. Her father, who desperate for boy as his first born taught her to fight, ride and shoot and finally became the head of the family when her father died.

When she became an adult she fell in love with her friend of her youth and confess her female identity. She wants to live as Bashir’s wife but she has to give up her freedom, followed her heart to be a woman but hate to appear as a woman because she is well-know in her tribe as a male and her experiences is that of a man.

This for me is an emotional story, giving a glimpse into the unfair and oppressive lives of the women of Afghanistan and other Arab – Islamic Countries.

I am living in an Arab Country so I preferred to share this to all of you guys…not a must read but if you want you can have a copy of it…

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zoan said...

whew, i would love to read that :) we have the same collection of books :) and you can read my posts in my

Kero said...

naku, dagdag ko ito sa listahan ko. i still have to read a work by a Middle East Author.

salamt for the visit, Sheng!

Vernz said...

Sheng try mu a thousand splendid suns at saka the kite runner.. kasi based din yung story sa place na yan... nice one..

thanks for the drop.

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Sam said...

hi sheng..thanks for dropping by.. i would have to find a copy of this book..i think the story is intriguing. :)

anne said...

Uhmm it reminds me of MULAN pero magkaiba nga lang kasi she was the one who choose to be a man to fought for freedom, anyway this must be a very nice book to read. I will try to look for this one, thanks for sharing

The Joyful Crafter said...

Yeah, I *really* cried with "A Walk to Remember". I mean, who wouldn't right? It's moving and very touching!

Isn't reading a relaxing hobby? =) I sooo love books too!

See you next Thursday!

imriz said...

looks like a wonderful piece:)

Clarissa said...

Interesting!Kung meron nga lang copy ng book na yan dito sa Japan.

Thanks for the visit dear at wag mo kong po-poin--sumasakit ang balakang ko dyan lol!

Have blissful weekend to you and your family^_^

claire said...

like you, i used to read Nancy Drew series too.. now i'm gonna try your suggestion, Samira and Samir, it looks interesting too :)

ღ Ms. Joy mH ღ said...

This sounds very interesting...

Anyway, here's mine

Have a good weekend!

Earth said...

wow! it really sounds interesting. i'd love to read it someday.. nice post!

K said...

remarkable story! i'll see if i can find a copy here, i wanna read it! although i don't live in a country which oppresses women, i know i will be able to relate because i am still, after all, a woman :)

hahai.ponce said...

hmmm...interesting, will try to find a copy of the one way or another, one can relate to some scenes in the story

will add up to my husband's (and mine lol) pile of book collections


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