Sunday, January 09, 2011


It's been a months that i didn't join this meme and though i am alredy late for this entry let me still have a chance to be a part of Girls Talk. I've missed all the topics here and i hope i can have more time for this now.

Healthy Me! I have not been so conscious with my health until i had my digestive problem. Well, i love to eat fruits and vegetables a lot but if given a chance that someone prepared foods which include meat or chicken..surelly i would have it till the last piece just like what happened last Christmas and New Year's celebration. After that... i have had a hard time defecating and i promise myself that i will NOT and NEVER eat meat.

Other than eating meat i will avoid taking dairies and milk and anything that triggers my allergy. And i promise  to do a little exercise everyday, drink vitamins and eat on time.

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K said...

oats and kamote are good for constipation too :)

eat on time. that's on my list too. hirap lalo na when you're super busy with work. hihi


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