Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Who among you are watching the newest soap opera in ABS CBN, Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin? If there's a reason that keeps me awake till midnight here in Dubai that is because of this Philippine family military drama series shown of TFC. I can't resist not to watch it everynight because of Coco Martin.

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I so love Coco Martin! For me he's the real image of a Filipino Hunk Actor. He's such a handsome and a hot guy. I love his eyes, the way he smiles, his dark complexion, his natural sexy body and more too when he acts.

If given a chance to choose whom to marry on the next life i would like Coco Martin (but i don't think he would like me too lol!).

Coco Martin's hollywood counterpart would be Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom.

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Jenn said...

Oh wow.. ang sexy naman ni Coco diyan! I do like his acting, too - talagang may talent.

Hopping here from Girls Talk, my entry is now posted, too.

Ai KaiRui Liu said...

love Coco too sis...always watching primetime para subaybayan yung' teleserye niya...visiting from GT..Im your newest follower, hope you'll follow me back

take a peek on my entry:

DadEngrMommmyLES said...

good actor..very sexy photo :P

f e R r y j H o i said...

Ano ba yan Sis!!! baket naman itong picture pa ang pinost mo!!! lalo tuloy akong nababaliw!!!! gosh!!!

We have the same idol!!1 nyahaha!!!
grabe ang gwapo nya tlaga!! kahit sang angulo noh???

Vernz said...

naku Sheng.. sabi ko pa naman di ko siya gusto.. bakit naman eto yung picture niya.. hahah sige gusto ko na siya lol... bisita ka ha..

Mirage said...

I'm so outdated, don't know him that much :D pero gwaping hehe

Anonymous said...

whoa! Coco Martin looks so hot in that pic!.. Sino nga naman ang di mahuhumaling sa kanya..Ang galing galing nga niya sa MLKI. kahit sa former teleseryes no wonder at early stage of his career na-aaward-an na agad siya!..

Thanks for leaving some love.. Happy GT!

lyzacruz88 said...

Kaloka ang photo dyan ni Coco, sis! lol...I like him too, handsome na, good actor pa :)

Happy GT!

Gilay said...

hahahha!!! nice picture of Coco, grabe naloka ako...!!! yummy talaga!!!

Simply Dyes said...

is that pubes??? i'm sorry for being crude haha! haven't seen him in action, but i heard he is a good actor.

Thanks for indulging my star struck daze. Never hesitate to drop by my STREET.

Happy GT!

Irish said...

ang pogi na galing pang umarte. nice choice! :)

here's my entry:

Shawie Girl said...


mjrodriguez said...

Ay, I think he's just too sexy! I wanna stare at him all day!

STEF said...

It's getting hot in here! ahaha! Cute ng cmile nya and galing umarte no?

kim said...

ay, kaloka ang picture na ito. Sayang, about 5 months ago, I won a consolation prize in a raffle in a supermarket, my prize was a big plastic bag of grocery items and a picture with COCO MARTIN, but the line was too long so I just grabbed my grocery prize and thanked Coco Martin and said goodbye. well, i didn't know then that he was THIS HOT, lol!

jared's mum said...

ayun at na-shock naman ako sa uber sexy photo ni coco martin!
yep, even if i don't watch his new soap i've got to agree that this guy is one acting hotshot!
happy GT:)

zoan said...

ang smile, pang tweetums pero and sexy. ahahaha

I love him din! lalo na nung big break nya sa ABS na kasama niya si jake cuenca at gerald anderson ba un? ahahah

mine is up here:

sHeNgKaY said...

like ko rin sya..
mind you sis..hindi yan katawan ni Coco..promise! heheheh
Late Visiting from Girls! :) Happy weekend!
To die for Celebrity

Beauty Queen Gene said...

gwaaaapooo!! juice ko, kras na kras din namin ng kapatid ko yan! as in nanonood kmi ng soaps kung andun sya! haha!


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