Sunday, March 17, 2013


All along, without any idea, i was the one pointed as RUDE!  Can't help but feel pity with myself with such accusation. I didn't know and was not really aware that i have hurt somebody's feeling. i didn't mean to be RUDE nor tried to OFFEND anyone... though i did it was not intentional....being the program committee in-charged and as reminded by the administrator of the hall where in we were just given 6 minutes extension to the venue...i have assumed that i have the right to decide right away that's why i have told things that hurt someone...and before that i have already informed the commentator and the commissioner that we are running out of time. 

What i did might not really be acceptable that's why i was accused as RUDE but how difficult is it to tell me that they have not like what i did. Just the SOM way where we correct each other for whatever wrong doings.

I feel bad:) Here i go again feeling so sorry for myself, for experiencing things i don't really deserve. Why can't people be honest with what they feel instead they shout it out to the world. 

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