Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Often times, in SFC - Household and to my room mates, i will share problems/heartaches/pains/difficulties of life... and heartily offering their time to listen, to hear my cries & to give their consoling advises....
Now that i am about to finish the race forgetting and forgiving people who has been the reason of all the baggages i've carried for more that a year...... i can say that thanks to them ... one way or another they have help me to be emotionally matured...
It was just yesterday that a friend of mine shared her current problem which is almost similar to what had happened to me a year back.... a conflict b/w a family member or relatives.
I just can't imagine that right an hour ago am talking to her the way all my consolers before has done for me. I'm giving her advices based on my own experienced... isn't it great!!!???


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