Monday, August 13, 2007


Bo Sanchez

12 August 2007
07:00 - 10:00pm
Traders Hotel

As you might notice i'm an avid reader of Bo's" Soulfood. Actually, I've heard so much about him when i joined Singles for Christ a year back. And when i received an email that he is coming to Dubai to conduct a seminar about "Think Truly Rich Pinoy", I immediately called to the in charge person asking to book a sit for me for that day but due to my financial constraint I wasn't able to buy the ticket and eventually not able to attend the seminar. Hmmm… I ‘ve almost dreamed of having a picture w/ him that day, so I can attached it on my blog.

God is really good. He had still allowed Bo to touch my life. Bo was scheduled to have a talk about “how to find your one true love” in SFC and other visitors. With no other chance to meet him I have attended the seminar and it was yesterday night that I’ve seen him in person. Oh well, I never thought that he was still very young……. very young to be an international speaker!
On Topic:

I was not supposed to attend this seminar since I’m no longer a single. I guess the question now is "Did I find my one true love?”

One thing I can say is that "I prayed for him". Infact every Church we went to attend mass before we got married, my only prayer was “Lord, sana cia na”. I don’t know if my prayer is right. Coz as I can see what we are going through now, I wish I can go back and pray again…. “Lord, cia po ba ang gusto nio para skin?”

Now, I’ve got so many regrets. Nde ko alam kung ang mga nararanasan ko ngaun ay bahagi pa ng buhay may asawa… or just the consequences of the distance that we have….or bka nga nde pa kami matured enough sa buhay na pinasok nmin…

I wish long before I got married I have joined SFC or he has joined SFC….or we have attended Bo’s seminar…

The only option left for me is to bring him in the community.

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