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“My children, you are not created to be fat little duck waddling in the mud but to be like eagles destined to rise above"…. Fr. Aloysious Schwarts
I stand before you today as one of those children…

Toastmasters, Fellow Speechcrafters, Good afternoon.
I was one of the less fortunate but deserving student who entered the Sister of Mary School Girlstown in Sta. Mesa Manila. This institution provided us the secondary education for free. Our duties were mainly to study, pray, work and play. There we were molded as children with great values and was offered with the highest standard of education and vocational courses. That’s why at an early age of 16 we were already permitted by the Department of Labor to work in any company.
I was hired as production operator in an Electronic Company in Laguna. It wasn’t an easy job for a teenage girl like me. But I had no choice. Sometimes when I’m passing the HR Office, I wished I was one of their staff coz I know I don’t have a good future if I’ll remain as production operator. My colleagues are living testimony itself.
There I remember what Fr. Al has told us that we should be like eagles destined to rise above. So I started to dream and eventually put it in action. I work during the day and study at night but due to heavy work load I didn’t survive being a working student. I needed to resign to be a full time student and promised myself that one day I will be an HR staff of a certain company. With patience and strong determination I have finished my Bachelors’ Degree w/ the help of a 2 scholarship grants and financial assistance from an institution while at the same time working as a Student Assistant.
Right after my graduation I was offered an opportunity to work here in Dubai. It was one of my dreams to work abroad and I just can’t believe that I’m enjoying my life here working in shipping company as an Admin Staff.
Now my ultimate goal is not just to rise above but to go beyond the horizon.
Over to you MTM

Dear Sheryl,

Do you know how proud am I? Yes! I'm too damn proud of you. You are my biggest achievement in my Toastmaster's Life. I hope that I have brought out the best in you, have given you enough support and encouragement.

You become a challenge to me when i saw you cried during the orientation and since then i prayed to become your mentor. Fortunately, I now have you in my group.

I told you, you are very good and you have proven that. Congratulatiosn for winning the Best Speaker Award. You are now my walking trophy together with Lanelle and the rest of Group 5.

You are very eloquent, articulate and i simply love your facial expression and body language.

I really admire your guts. Keep it up! You are indeed a powerful speaker.

I hope I could be there with you and the Group on your next project but I will be away on vacation.

See you!

MTM Anniever Hernandez
Desert Voices Club
Toastmasters International

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