Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I don't think your sensitive... it doesn't justify what you're acting... better to say i guess that you are selfish & self centered... and i thought age wise you are broadminded enough to understand mood swings, tantrums & other unneccessary behaviour coz u have been there w/ me all the time. i thought you know me very now, pity on me for expecting much from you or shall i say pity on me for treating you almost my big sister...if there's someone among the three of us who is not atoned to the needs/feelings of each and's YOU!... and i hate to hear your god damn reason for acting so immature where in fact you could have told or approached me right away if you have an ill feeling towards me. It didn't bother me at all if you're not talking to me coz i thought you have a big problem wherein you need some space to feel and think about it.
I know i can't please everyone all the time.. not even YOU but atleast you should have tried to correct me for whatever mistake i have done on you. You know very well that if there's someone i would always run to.... it will be to YOU.
It's so sad that the friendship i have treasured most here in Dubai will just turn out this way. I thought i have given the best for your convenience. Pretty sure i have my shortcomings as well but i know i have invested the best of me for these friendship.
I guess it was you who told my inlaw "that you're just trying to get along with me". Anyway, i've learned a very significant lesson from you...that is... "never trust anyone coz the person close to you might be the the one to kill you"
I should have listen to one of my old friend... that in every relationship i should not give the 100% trust...

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