Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Like jeck, i have my own message to Him also...

I thank you for the gift of life...for the 29 years

I thank you for making my family safe back home. I thank you for helping me provide all their needs esp. for the studies of my bros and sis.

I thank you for the goodbyes and hellos that come this year. Some made me happy, some made me sad, some made me hate them, some made me cry, some inspired me. But what is wonderful with it, they have taught me a lesson.

I thank you for making me fallin’ love in everything. To my hubby, to my family, to my friends, to my work, to the opportunities that enhances my skills and talent... Although, most of the times hubby had broken my heart.

I thank you from the talks, listenings, hugs, cries and laughs that my love ones had shared me this year. I learned how passionate the heart you gave to me.

I thank you for the new friendships, new home, new blessings this year. I know i was so impatient with many things...but in YOUR own time i know you will grant whatever i had asked for.

I thank you for my special friends here in Dubai… Jeanette Babas, Romelyn Biclar, Lanie Ilagan, Cheryl Tabo, Myrna Pullido...for my new friends/bus mate/old friends...Jovie, Airene, Ate Norie, Macel, Ate Susan, Ate Joan and Kuya Ted, Nhang/Nene and many more....

Though i still have this grudges towards my inlaws...but then you never fail to let me realized how you love me.

As i have my another year..Please, never give me up, although sometimes i made you feel bad. Thank you for everything... may you continue to bless me and my family.

I love you Lord...

As usual nakalimutan n2man ni pangit ang birthday ko... ok lang nde n2man bago un but of course nakakasama ng loob.... i don't know kung tama nga ba na "men are not really particular with dates"


nikoganda said...

ate sheng birthday mo po ba???

inspired by a roll of tissue said...

and thank you to you too :)


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