Monday, June 30, 2008


Since i started blogging (after reading niko's blog), i become so eager to learn so many things or let say... so interested upgrading my skills which lead me taking up photography, adobe photoshop and the latest is web design. I tried to enroll media flash animation last quarter but due to time constraint i wasn't able to finish it.

I've been addicted reading entries of bloggers, yesterday as i was reading, i got interested about scrapbooking. Almost a months that i keep on coming back to ate sienna's blog trying to get an idea on how i can start scrapbooking. I know i can do some designs in adobe photoshop but i wanted the easiest one like having a software of scrapbooking. So then yesterday... finally i got a free scrapbooksoftware from scrapbooksoftware.

Surely starting from today i'll have my new obsession... wishing i can make from my own designs.

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nikoganda said...

ei ate sheng,

same here! i really want to do some scrapbooks but i cant :(
i bought hallmark software and meron na run for scrapbooking pero gusto ko ung tulad nung ginagawa nila ate sienna.. anu kaya software gamit niya?

gudlak to ur scrapbooking! when u have time gawan mo baby yena ko ha.. request tlga agad. hahah

salamat po! ingat ka lagi!

and belated happy birthday to u!! mwah


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