Sunday, July 20, 2008


From: SFC Yahoo Group

Every time you interact with another person - which likely happensmany times a day - you have an opportunity to be kind to him or her.If you choose kindness, God's love will flow between you, blessing youboth. Here are some ways you can strive to be more kind:

Rely on God's strength rather than your own. Ask God to give youcompassion for others and enable you to help them in ways they needhelp.
Take time to thank God for His presence in your life and the many kindways He interacts with you. Be willing to freely give others the giftof your kindness, as you recall how freely God has blessed you.

Never underestimate the value of a particular person or act ofkindness. Each time you reach out to others with kindness, you effortis worthwhile, Not only that, but God will be pleased.
Never overestimate your own role in situations. You must be humble tobe an effective servant.
Ask God to show you ways in which He would like you to extend kindnessto people you regularly encounter (such as family, friends, co-workers) as well as people you randomly meet. Devise a plan forperforming acts of kindness for each of the people you know, takinginto account their needs and desires. Pray to be ready to offerkindness to people you don't know whenopportunities arise.

Pay special attention to the needs of people who are poor, since Godidentifies with them. Explore ways that you can help the poor, such asvolunteering at a food pantry or homeless shelter and simplifying yourlifestyle to use the Earth's resources more responsibly.
With the Holy Spirit's help, forgive people who have hurt you.
When serving others, respect their dignity and privacy.

Don't expect other people to repay you when you're kind to them, butknowthat God will always reward you somehow for your kindness

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