Saturday, September 13, 2008


FDC 3rd Batch 2007 John & Ann Swing
FDC 3rd Batch 2007 Aron & Jenny Swing
See whose back is that? Hehehe

Who says life in Dubai is boring? Well for some... maybe YES... and for others maybe NO. Life here can never be boring. Dubai offers the best amenities. And if you stayed the whole day of your weekend at home... i can say it's really boring. You can never see the beauty of this amenities if you locked yourself at the 4 corners of your flat or villa.
So instead of laying down on your bed, why not explore the parks, beaches, mountains, malls of U.A.E, particularly Dubai. Well it's expensive to go anywhere but you have options. You can simply take the public buses to go to Zabeel Park, Jumeirah Open Beach, Mall of Emirates etc etc . It's all accesible to transportation. And if you would like to explore more... you can join some groups who can offer you a package of going anywhere in a cheaper rate while at the same time you're learning. Try to join Overseas Pinoy Professional Photographers Soceity
Or if you don't like the outdoor gimmicks, you can join the indoor sports like lawn tennis, bowling, swimming etc etc...or the combination of social life and sports. Filipino Dance Sports and Social Club can offer you both. But if you just want to stay sexy and young being a ballroom dancer, Filipino Dance Club Dubai is the best group for you.

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