Monday, September 08, 2008


Asthmatics! This condition runs in our family. Two of my brother had a lung asthma...Bobo and Bong. They say before 7 years old asthma attach should stop or else it will keep on coming back especially when triggered. Good thing Bong's asthma had stop before he turned 7 but not for my younger bro. Till now he is suffering from this being "hikain". He's already 15 now.

Base on the article i have read from Sunstar Davao.... Asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis (a.k.a skin asthma) are related. If a family member has one of this, others may suffer from any of the two.

Ok fine it runs in the family so aside from my brother i have this allergic rhinitis. I have not gone for a check up to confirm whether this is what i have but based on the symptoms i dearly confirm that i have skin asthma.

When i was 5 till i reach 13 years old i could not eat shrimps or crabs because of allergy. But my granny told me don't mind the allergy just go and eat till your body get used of it then the allergy will go.....which i did. I continued to eat more shrimps and crabs (my uncle's who is a fisherman used to bring us crabs those times). And if after a minute i'd be feeling bad and starts to sratch any parts of my body, Nanay will prepare "bao ng niyog" with "baga", "kamanyang" (myrr) and incense. Then on top of it she will put the "balat ng hipon or talukap ng crabs" till it burns. And i will inhale the smoke while i am covered with blanket. Wait till i sweat until the allergy (redness) disappear.

Now that i'm here in Dubai, the more i suffer with this allergy especially during winter season. And worst thing...the occurence is severe.

---it's how it looks like---


Teena in Toronto said...

My sister has allergies and asthma.

niko said...

hi ate!

how ru? hope you're alright by now.. i'll pray God would soon take away your asthma!

take care ate, i miss you. :)


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