Thursday, October 16, 2008


I left the office yesterday around 3pm hoping to reach American Express office before closing. Like most of the time it took me an hours to wait for a cab. I was already worried when suddenly i saw one taxi coming right on the place i was standing.
My friend can you bring me to Karama Post Office? Then he replied, sure:). The moment i sat down he asked me, how are you?. Then i said I'm ok. I don't feel to say anything other than ok nor even to ask him back if how is he.
Then even if i don't look like i'm interested to whatever he says, still he continued. His topic went to religion, asking me if i'm a Christian. So i said, yes. I think, till we reached clock tower the only word i said is yes coz i was not really in the mood to talk to him though he looks nice and sounds good as well.
Still he continued sharing me some muslim beliefs with corresponding science explanation. He told me that in Muslim you have;
- to put on your shoes first on the right foot then followed by the left foot.
- to step your right foot first while entering a room and left foot first while leaving the room.
- to use your right bare hand in eating so as the vitamins will go directly on the finger tips.
- to use your right hand in drinking water
- to lay on your right while sleeping
He said that all of the a/m muslim practices is what Prophet Mohammad had taught all muslims and it was the kind of life He had before. He also said that if you asked the doctor the same things he will said.

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