Monday, October 20, 2008


Usually in friendster bulletin, there are questions like what is origin of your name? or what is the meaning of your name?. My answer would always be i don't know coz I have never asked my Mom why i was named Sheryl. When i was young i thought that maybe my Mom got my name from Sheryl Cruz, a filipina actress who is very famous during those days.

Even when i was in college some classmates have asked me what's the story of my name. My answer was the same i don't know. Few of them shared that their names was a combination of parents name, great grand parents, celebrities etc etc. Huh! Wish my name had its own story.

Them I was already here in Dubai when I tried to search my name in the internet but have only found shery, cheryl and other name close to it. It was through Roma's blog that i have finally found the origin of my name.

Pronunciation: (SHEH rill)
Origin: French, England
Meanings: Darling or Dear One, English Meaning: Charity
Other Info: Best used in English speaking countries like Canada, America, and England

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