Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Inspired by Umma for the surprise she sent to Niko, I tried to search online for new backgrounds and embellishments for the scrapbook that i wanted to create. I was glad i came to the right place to download graphics for scrapbook, Shabby Princess.

Thanks Princess, Here's what i've made from your graphics.

Ken is my first nephew. He is such a nice kid my mom told me. He turned 2 last September. At his age you never have to worry leaving him while doing the household chores coz he stays where he is. He is already very organize with his things like toys, slippers, shoes and clothes. Other than the kiddy shows on tv he enjoyed watching Dyosa. (Oh di ba love niya rin si Mama Dyosa, charreng!)

Louie is the opposite of Ken. You have to watch him 24/7 or else......(unless he is sleeping of course). My sister told me that one time they just saw him playing the water of the toilet bowl. He would always touched whatever things on his reach. My stepfather told me that maybe he will grow up as "siga ng baryo"

As you may notice they have the same clothes. I sent it to them last Christmas and asked my sister to take a photo of them wearing it. Hmmm i miss them so much. It was sad that i would not see them as they grow.


niko said...

oi ate career na talga ang scrapbooking ha!!!

inggit ako.. gusto ko na rin mag scrapbook.. heheh

nice!! and cutey nephews you have!

honeybhing23 said...

what to do...hehehe

wala lang tlga akong magawa sa ofis kaya nililibang ko sarili ko dito..


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